Barolo 2016 – Damilano

In the world of wine, few things are better than a trip through the amazing crus, MGA, of Barolo to experience the nuance from one of Italy’s most well known grapes. This time, thanks to @damilanobarolo and their 5 single vineyard wines, and impeccable precision in wine making the land of #Barolo stole our hearts once again.


The philosophy in winemaking is simple, yet precise. Traditional “botte grande”, large wood barrels, that are never too invasive. They’re there to accompany the wine, give it a space to develop without imparting to much of its own character. We did a “horizontal” tasting, so 6 wines, all of them from 2016!

*CinqueVigne: an assembly of five different vineyards that creates what some critics consider a more “traditional” approach to Barolo. This means using grapes from vineyards that have specific qualities in terms of bouquet notes, acidity and tannins to create an #ideal #Barolo and that’s exactly what this wine is.

*Raviole: Coming from the commune of Grizane Cavour, it’s one of the latest crus added to the list, and Damilano is the only producer to make it. Fine tannins, very delicate on the palate but exceptional in its own right.

*Brunate: If you know the name, then you know this wine brings power. Thanks to an amazing terroir, the Brunate cru, found in the commune of La Morra is known for creating powerful, full-body wines. This wine did not disappoint and was highlighted by a distinctive note of licorice.

*Cerequio: Coming from the hills of La Morra once again, it’s an amphitheater of vineyards that is breathtaking. the 0.6 hectares has a peculiar microclimate that allows the wine to develop beautifully and still maintain all the characteristics necessary to have a truly age worthy wine.

*Liste: from Barolo, Damilano is one of very few producers to make this wine. This wine hits the mark a year later than the other crus because of its power and structure. Another beautiful wine that will surely stand the test of time.

*Cannubi: For so many Barolo lovers, this wine is the one of the greatest expressions of the territory. Pure elegance and finesse. The Damilano family has work this same vineyard for over 100 years, and it is true poetry.

An experience like this is rare, but so worth it. If you love wine as much as we do, then understanding a wine “horizontally” is the key to really digging deep into terroir. Would you guys like to do a tasting like this? Let us know in the comments!


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