Cantina Social was created in December 2015 with the single goal in mind, show and expose people to the world of wine in the most friendly way possible. Today, communication is one of the most fundamental parts of our lives, from social networks to new ways of researching, everything is become more accessible, but at the same time a little more confusing. In a world such as Wine, where unfortunately misinformation and overpowering legacies have really cut into the ability to approach the world of wine by those who are truly passionate. CantinaSocial is working to be a positive catalyst in this wonderful new world. Creating the right and respectful tone of voice while just looking at things from a different angle.

Adriano Amoretti – Account Manager – Ais Sommelier – Pitmaster – IT
Matteo Franco – Art Director – Architetto ed Interior Designer – Winelover – IT
John Murnane – Copywriter – Philosopher – Food &Wine Addict – USA
Lanfranco Guerriero – Account Manager – Avvocato – Ais Sommelier – IT

Wine Makes Everything Better [hashtag: #WMEB] – Wine makes everything better” is a saying that has been around for decades. Our interpretationis at center of what we want to do with our social media influence.

The concept of our page is to create a friendly space where people can discover everything about wine, mainly Italian wine, since we are in the Piedmont of Italy. Understanding both North American, European, and Italian culture regarding wine, we know many of the stereotypes and pitfalls connected to the search, acquisition and ability to learn about wines. Our desire if to remove the stereotypes and present wine in a way that is truly approachable and can be fun for everyone. We dont want to focus on one area, one type of wine, or even talk about the big names that everyone knows, we want to promote WINE, and everything connected to it. That is where Wine makes everything bettertakes on a whole new meaning

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