#English Johnny Say Something - Podcast

Discovering the roots of Barolo! – Johnny Say Something Ep. 7 – Podcast

Try and remember you first heard the word, “Barolo”. Even the name itself carries a weight and elegance that precedes the wine. Now try and remember the first time you tasted one…that is moment that is life changing for any #winelover!

Thanks to our friends at @MarchesidiBarolo we got a 360 degree view of these one of a kind wines and territory! Come along with Johnnyvinooo and our trusty @Coravin as we take a look at the origins of the wine itself, the incredible land and terroir, the evolution of the wine and the people behind it. In this case, the Abbona family has done an outstanding job being care takers of such an immense amount of history and passion, while evolving it along the way to become something even more special.

This video is only the beginning and barely scratches the surface on the amazing work, research and passion that so many people have put into these world famous wines.  

A big thank you to: Ian d’Agata, the I’ll Drink to that Podcast, italianwinepodcast and the incomparable Monty Waldin & Prof. Attilio Scienza and Vittorio Manganelli from Gambero Rosso for all the information and work they’ve done! 



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