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Marco Felluga: Pinot Bianco Evolution!

Roses are red, violets are blue, never get just one bottle of @marcofelluga_russizsuperiore …. because you always get at least two🙏! Or 4 🇮🇹✌️

Truth is, we won’t tell you how to spend your #money, but if you want something that is spectacular now, and will be outstanding in the future, the 2019 #Collio Friulano from our friends at #MarcoFelluga and #RussizSuperiore (same Family, two properties) is a winner. This wine speaks to the richness and uniqueness of the small crescent moon shaped territory in the north east corner of #Italy that produces white wines that will literally take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride through floral accents, yellow peach and ripe pear, all riding on the tracks of a beautiful minerality that is a cornerstone of territory.

Marco, Roberto and now Illaria have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to have their cellar certified VIVA, meaning it meets a strict requirements for sustainability. As a winery that has been passed down through generations, they understand that a desire to continue a long tradition of world-class wines starts with taking care of the land. In the same vein, the longevity of these wines starts with the territory too. This powerful indigenous variety of Friuliano combined with a soil composition and microclimates that can’t not be found anywhere else in the world, come together to create bottles (and #magnums too) that are worth drinking now, and keeping for later (like years later!).

The grapes for the wine are first de-stemmed, and then go through cold maceration and a light press just to separate the pulp from the skins. 15% goes on to spend time in oak barrels, while the rest in Steel tanks. After that, 7 months in contact with the fine lees and then the bottle to rest. This gives the wine an added boast of character and really puts a personal stamp on the wine as well.

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