Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find exactly what you have been looking for.  Often times in the Piedmont, much of the conversation is dominated by a few highly touted territories and wines. However, this is instead an invitation to taste, experience and enjoy something slightly more unexpected.  As a foreigner living in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: MIO & ELVIO COGNO

I am ecstatic to start off this diary with a bang… actually, just telling you about a tasting lunch that happened at Mio Bar at the Park Hyatt. Mio is one of the easiest and best things that you can find at Park Hyatt Milano, the dishes are the fruit of Chef Andrea Aprea’s work... Continue Reading →

Aperitivo in cantina da CONTRATTO, Canelli, Asti

  Ti invitiamo a seguirci sui nostri Social.       Sabato sera abbiamo partecipato all'ultima serata #AperitivoInCantina, organizzata nella splendida azienda vitivinicola di CONTRATTO nel cuore di CANELLI, storica città famosa per le loro cantine che si snodano per tutto il paese conosciute come Cattedrali sotterranee  La serata, ultima di una lunga serie di eventi durata tutta... Continue Reading →

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