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We get live in Ita-Eng streaming EVERY TUESDAY 20.30 pm CET on IG and FB with a New Wine. a new producer, a new story to tell.  Connect and interact with us and discover more about italian wines.

#DailyWine  Instagram

Get in touch with our daily selection on Instagram, our contents come from our personal experience in our private cellars and live at the main event in Italy.

#WineStreaming  Instagram  Facebook

We get live in Ita-Eng streaming from Top wine-event in Italy. Come with us and find out more about italian wines al around the country!


#WineStories on www.cantinasocial.com

Stories and Interviews with all the winery owners that we met. Because there’s always a story behind a bottle!

#WinePairing on www.cantinasocial.com

We create the perfect pairing for each wine, in collaboration with professional chef and pitmaster.  Because Wine+Food makes everything better too.

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